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Our attorneys provide a broad spectrum of legal services to individuals in exercising and protection of their rights.

We draft power of attorneys, affidavits and other individual acknowledgments, as well as all types of contracts and agreements, such as real-estate contracts, personal property sale agreements, gift and donation contracts, loan agreements, lease contracts, mortgage, pledge and other papers.

We advise clients, draft contracts and represent authors and holders of related rights in exercising and protection of their copyrights.

We also provide services in the field of matrimonial and family law, such as consulting and drafting of pre-nuptial and nuptial agreements, representation in divorce, childcare and custody proceedings, alimony and division of property matters, and provide other advice and services in the area of family and matrimonial law.

Our attorneys provide full range of services regarding inheritance issues, such as drafting of a last will and contracts, representation in procedures concerning estate and execution of the last will and advise clients relating to all inheritance issues.

We provide consulting services to former proprietors, respectively their legal successors in the procedure of restitution of confiscated property and indemnification. We also assist and represent them in the procedures before institutions in charge of restitution and indemnification issues.

We provide services concerning rehabilitation of individuals who were unjustifiably deprived of their political, proprietary, or other rights by the communist regime.

We advise and represent individuals in broad range of civil, administrative and other proceedings in realization and protection of their rights and interests.


We advise clients in the preparatory decision-making phase of their investments, draft documents required for..

Commercial/ Regulatory compliance

Our attorneys have comprehensive knowledge of international and Serbian contract law, standard agreement clauses and..

Real Estate/ Construction

We have a background in supporting investors in developing green-field investments and other types of construction..

Antitrust/ Competition

We advise our clients in the matters of competition pertaining to mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures and assist..

Employment/ Residence and work permit

We draft employer’s policies, resolutions employment agreements, and other papers related to employment issues, and..

IP Entertainment/IT

Our firm provides consulting and represents international and national entities and individuals in matters related to..

Tax/Custom/Foreign exchange operations

Tax advising services include a comprehensive range of planning and consulting services. We cooperate with external tax..

Data protection

We provide guidance and aid in the processing of personal data in compliance with GDPR and data procession rules that..

Dispute resolution and other proceedings

It’s about strategy, execution and being able to think on your feet. We support our clients to achieve satisfactory..


Our associates provide consulting concerning issues of protection and preservation of environment, prevention and..

Non-profit organizations

Our office has a long-term experience in advising and representation of a large number of international and national..


Our attorneys provide a broad spectrum of legal services to individuals in exercising and protection of their rights. ..