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Our team

Our team gathers individuals sharing the same values: honesty, integrity, excellence, and honoring our commitments.

We have passion for law and results and focus on delivering rather than talking about it.

Although we live in times of specializations and AI (and appreciate them), we know that broad knowledge and experience will never become replaceable. It is rarely „just“ about the law: it’s also about strategy, anticipation, estimate and execution. At the end, it is about satisfaction.

There are so many circumstances in which landing on one’s feet depends on their broad knowledge, clear judgment, rich experience and talent. That, and the joy of learning and value of exchange brought us together. Our personal growth, energies, shared beliefs, and professional goals are what makes our team’s strength.

We know how relationship-oriented legal practice is and thus take time to get to know our clients, their needs and goals. Understanding that is critical to delivering proficient and pragmatic advice and quality and cost-effective legal service.

In providing advice and services we rather go straight to the point than resort to complex legal jargon. We are aware that no one needs a prodigy lawyer, but a lawyer who can create and deliver legal and practical solutions and results professionally, efficiently and at a reasonable price.